Learn how to blog for money and earn with your writing. Help others (and make money!) blogging about what you love.

So how do you do it? There’s no magic or fluff, just some new things to learn and some setup that makes it happen.

Keep reading to find out how.

Simple And Sensible

The basic concept is simple and sensible:

  • Write content — articles and posts — on your blog about a specific topic or niche
  • Get your content listed on Google and search engines (for free) so people will find it
  • Include links on your blog for people to buy related products which earn you commissions when they do

In A Hurry? Yeah, Just Show Me The Info Already!

Great, I’m Ready To Make Money With My Blog Now!

Wait! There’s more to it. Yes, the overall concept is simple but there is more that happens behind the scenes to make it all work.

You need to learn the skills to make money with your blog.

More about that that coming right up.

Get These New Skills And Learn How To Blog For Money

Are you ready to monetize your blog? Monetizing means making money with your website. You monetize your blog by learning the right skills to turn it into a source of income.

To monetize your blog you will learn how to:

  • Decide on a blogging topic that will make money
  • Build your blog website and understand how it works
  • Find the right SEO keywords that get traffic to your blog
  • Sign up for affiliate programs with products you’ll earn commissions on
  • Write content that helps people and gets found by search engines
  • Create amazing images to make your blog more compelling
  • Guide readers to click your affiliate links (write blog posts that convert)
  • Get everything up and running and avoid common (money-wasting) mistakes

Makes sense. I’d Like To Check Out The Free Community And Classes To Learn These Things.

Real Help From Real People

There’s an amazing blogging and affiliate marketing community that’s teaching real skills and creating ongoing earnings for bloggers. It’s run by real people, the online forum is FREE and there are smart online classes. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s a real system that works.

It’s the best place to start, learn and grow your blog and your business.

Helpful And Encouraging Community

This is honest blogging and affiliate marketing help and advice.

There’s Robin and Lesley who teach the classes and who’ve been doing this successfully for years. Jeremy (from this website) is there each day answering technical questions. Many more experienced folks who make money with their blogs are on hand to assist, too.

There’s no hard selling, no multi-level crackpots, no weird stuff and no spam. It’s a real community of folks who help each other out and grow their blogs and businesses.

Get direct help from the group totally free forever. There are advanced classes too. Learn all of the skills you need to make money with your blog and build your business.

Take the next step to make your blog pay. Click here to keep reading and learn more now.

Free forums, helpful community. No Obligation and No Gimmicks. Don’t Miss Out. Your Blog Can Make Money and You Can Do It.

Learn how to blog for money

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